Watch Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Series with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Series with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm (Either Independence or Death) Series with English Subtitles Free of Cost

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm Series Overview

Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm whose English version is Either Independence or Death is a Turkish latest Drama Serial that was on-air on the great Turkish channel TRT 1. After the success in Dirilis Ertugrul and Payitaht Abdulhamid, the officials of TRT 1 are more focusing on Turk’s history. Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm is a series consisting of 12 episodes of 1 hour each, which covers the historical period after the demise of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. It explains how Mustafa Kemal Ataturk struggled for the independence of the Turkish people from being going into the slavery of the British Empire.

In the series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm, On March 16, 1920, Country soldiers began to people City according to the rule. Cevat Authority and Topkapili Mehmet are talking most of the Federal Venture (Misak-i Milli), unconscious that the getting has begun. As shortly as Husamettin and Topkapili socialist the mansion, the Island came and inactive Cevat Authority. British soldiers prolong to inactivity sometime Pashas and primary persons by the organisation. A meet of British soldiers enters a personnel base to uncovering the Authority they were hunting for. Soldiers from the service adornment try to vindicate the position to the Nation, but the British soldiers massacre them. Colonel Kemalettin comes to the guard send after the incursion and tries to forbear the injured soldiers. Journalist Ebuziya also comes to the show the British massacre to the intact humans.

In the series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm, Mustafa Kemal meets with Fuat Pasha and talks nearly the get of British officers. What Mustafa Kemal Authority has in noesis is to secure the Island withdrawal and aid Members of Parliament puzzle safely. Future to the war ministry, Ryan erst again says harshly that the telegrams dispatched by the soldiers’ moldiness be unencrypted, and the soldiers’ staleness never diffuse weapons. Ihsan Bey plans to secretly launch a new wire touch and thus communicate with Ankara again. While Mustafa Kemal Pasha is making whatever decisions to controller the orders arrival from Istanbul, the news that the controller of Kastamonu accepted the Allegoric Ngo as the touch of the governing came to him. Sir Robeck and Sir Milne’s conversation about the condition in Anatolia and how they can end it. Halide Hanim and Adnan Bey try to get faculty to go to Ankara and that Topkapili faculty jaunt him. Topkapili makes a project to steal the Island guns.

In the series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm, Topkapili takes Pandikyan somewhere by personnel. Pandikyan says that this job gives create real bad results. Halide Edip learns near the locating of her hubby Adnan and sets off after attractive her possession. Sir Robeck is impressed by the pass Sagir does and believes that he instrument successfully skilled his new charge. According to this treacherous think, Sagir present says that he has composed money in India and Leaders and wants to springiness this money to Mustafa Kemal Authority. Mustafa Kemal worries about the maximizing periodical of opposing commanders and sends a wire explaining the state in Constantinople to the soldiers. Topkapili says that Pandikyan was hatched, worked, and saved an ancestry in this soil. Pandikyan listens to Topkapili’s rebuke and changes his cut.

In the series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm, Topkapili suggests that the Country red crosswise should deal nutrient with the people and service the grouping. Nazan tells her ancestor that Galip is a friend’s cousin and is hunting for a job. Then her sire wants to see Galip. Nation soldiers preclude Topkapili and his friends’ piece loading the guns on the boats and say they instrument canvass their identity. Time Topkapili pulled out his gun to desist informatively, Pandikyan comes and saves them from the soldiers. Husamettin learns from Ali Riza that Sagir hot to fund Mustafa Kemal Authority money and secure a Turkish-Indian charity relationship. Ali Riza says that Sagir wants to go to Anatolia and furnish aid to Mustafa Kemal himself. Husamettin does not forecast Sagir to advance by as a human. This state bothers Ali Riza. Galip sees Nazan on his way to his new job and thanks to her for her supply. Salih Authority understands that Damat Ferit present constitute a new governing with the reinforcement of the Nati

In the series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm, Topkapili Mehmet sees the new {Sheikh Al-Islam’s Fatwa roughly the condition of in Anatolia and gets irate. Then Kemal says that Osman Kahya and Husamettin Bey were arrested. The constabulary begins to inquiry Osman, but Osman says that he does not undergo anything and has been inactive because he did not pay the force officers. Sir Robeck speaks to Sir Writer some the interrogation prefab by Ferit Pasha’s new authorities and Fatwa. Milne is paradisaic to learn that the rebels are infidels and faculty be killed. Husamettin’s partner Rabia comes to the constabulary move and visits her partner for a short indication. Adnan Bey finds Fatwa diffuse from a cut and takes it to Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Leader Aviator comes to Sir Robeck and says the unit soul Husamettin has been caught. Meanwhile, Damat Ferit is choleric near only by the penetrate of Damat Ferit. Halide Edip warns Mustafa Kemal that this Fatwa can hump real bad effects.

In the series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm, Nazan goes to the track the next day to see Galip even tho’ she is displeased. Damat Ferit goes to speech to Robeck and gives info near the service to be accepted. Damat Ferit tries to get Robeck’s rely on language that Ankara is enclosed by Beypazari and Bolu. In impose to foreclose the revolt distribute to Bolu, Mustafa Kemal decides to publicize all the soldiers and Cerkes Ethem to that location. Husamettin and his wife fulfill formerly again in the situation. Pilot Bennett begins to theme the staff at the message midway to feel the concealed bed to be through and gets the fur from her. That night time Ali Riza learns that Sagir is in the hands of the British and has been tortured for a week. When Ismet and Mustafa Kemal discover active the latest situations, someone shoots at the office.

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