Who were White Beards or Heyet | Secret Organization


Who were White Beards or Heyet | Secret Organization

White beards are mentioned in Dirilis Ertugrul and other another series it is mentioned as İhtyarlar. Some called them as Heyet in history, but what are their real names and all of them are same or different. We will learn in this article.

According to historical Books, Mete Han is the founder of this secret organization, but in the TV series like Payiaht Abdulhamid and Dirilis, the founder of white beards organization is not mentioned. As you can see in TV Series Dirilis Ertugrul, Artughrl Ghazi was also a member of White beards secret organization that used to gave pieces of advice and intelligence information to him. This source of information is transferred to Osman Ghazi.

Did you ever think, how Osman ghazi built an empire from a tribe without any intelligence and military power, there must be a secret source for all these to support him. It is considered that and strong theories about white beards that they go down after Sultan Fateh conquered Constantinople because the Ottoman Empire had become strong enough to rule the world.

The first picture is known symbol as Heyet. Second one design by Sultan Muhammed El-Fatih The Conquer at 1452. Kilitlibahir Castle/Çanakkale. The third one from Payitaht series. The fourth one is from Dirilis.

According to a book of Dede Korkut (a book for motivational stories of Oghuz Turks), Aksakals Turks are the wise people among the population to solve the problems and they are called Dede and also called Ashiks (Storyteller). This term is used as bey of tribe or head of the tribe in the past centuries.

The famous historian Rashad-Aldin- Hamdani described Dede Korkut as a real person. he lived during the Oghuz Ruler about 7th Century. He came to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) and accepted Islam. Nobody can even imagine the destiny of Oghuz Turks, that he visited that time when Prophet Mohammad said hadith about the conquest of Constantinople,

” Surely you (Muslims) will conquer Constantinople, by the best leader and by the best army…”

Now he returned and said story to the Oghuz Ruler of that time. From then, Oghuz Bey started running white beard organization, they selected their best alps and send them to collect intelligence news. The Seljuk Empire of Rum also follows the same traditions and Ottoman Sultans definitely started the use of Spies in the decision-making process.

The first observation was the army of frontman horse soldiers, then deliler for information and then secret Spies and at last White Beards for making any move. When Khorasan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus was conquered by Invaders, White Beards killed by them because they consider them as leaders of the resistance. White Beards used to show themselves by putting their signs on buildings. The above-shown signs show their presence in history and stronger the theories about them.

Now you are thinking about their presence when Muslims are dominated by non-muslims. So I wanted to tell you that they are also a human being, their intelligence and support maybe some times don’t work. Sultan Abdul-Hamid tried to establish such a secret organization but he faces too many difficulties and can’t find the right persons for the right job as it was done centuries ago.


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