Who was the Artuk Bey | Real History of Artuk bey

Who was the Artuk Bey | Real History of Artuk bey

Do you want to know the real history of Artuk bey, today we will cover all the historical knowledge about Artuk Bey. We did some research and collected about him as much data as we can to reveal the real history of Artuk bey, which is shown Right hand of Ertugrul Ghazi in Dirilis Ertugrul TV Series. But actually, he has done much more important tasks and fought many battles under the Seljuk Empire

According to history, he was General of an army of the Seljuq Empire in the 11th Century. He lived main part of his life in Jerusalem as Governor from 1085 A.D to 1091 A.D and spend most of his time in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Artuk bey Fought Battle of Manziket as commander of the army of Seljuq Empire. Artuk played a very important role in the conquest of Anatolia.  Artek bey captured the valley of Yesilirmak in 1074 A.D.

After the battles, the next mission of Artuk bey is to arrest Amid from Marwanids. He has to fight with Commander Fahruddevlet who wanted to make a promise of peace with Marwanids. He surprised the Marwanids with his early attack and also defeated the external ad for Marwanids. During that time, Malik Shah was the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire, he Suspected him. After this, Artuk bey has to leave the field and joined Tutush I (a Younger Brother of Malikshah in Syria in 1084 A.D ). Artuk bey played a very instrumental role in defeating the Suleyman (Seljuks Sultan in Turkey Area). The War between Tutush I and Sultan Suleyman

After the death of Artuk bey, a beylik was founded on his name. the son’s of Artuk bey also very valiant and they founded beylik after 11 years. The son of Artuk bey El Ghazi ibn-e-Artuk fought the battle of Baldwin II of Edessa (Syria 1119 A.D). but he lost the battle. Another son of Artuk bey, Soqman allied with Tugketin bey and fought the battle of Harran. In this battle, Seljuq finally able to arrest Crusader Knights Balwin II of Edessa. He called him King of Jerusalem, Tripoli. After that, he managed to escape from Seljuks army possession. This son of Artuk bey (Soqman Ibn-e-Artuk) becomes honor for his father and true Islamic soldier.

Please Recite Fateha for this Great soul (Artuk Bey)

This is the real story of Artuk Bey, although he was shown in TV Series as Great Companion of Ertugrul bey and helping him directly and living in the same tribe, Kayi Tribe. But in actually, Artuk Bey added a much more contribution for Islam.

The character of Artuk Bey in Dirilis Ertugrul is played by Ayberk Pekcan. He is a very fine actor of Film and Drama Series.


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