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Who was Sheikh Edebali

Sheikh Edebali, who was born in 1206 CE in Inac, Turkey. Sheikh Edebali was a Turkish Sufi Sheikh known for his purity and education. He is also known with the name Baliseyh. Sheikh Edebali played an important role in developing the shape and policies of the growing Ottoman Empire in Sogut, Turkey. Being descendant of the Banu Tamim tribe and Al-Khater family, he was much respected and honored in the religious circle of the Muslim world of that era. It is reported that Ertugrul Ghazi and his sons saw a compiled version of the Holy Quran at the place of Sheikh Edebali and they were much surprised.

Ertugrul Ghazi, the leader of the Kayi tribe, was very much close to Sheikh Edebali. Sheikh Edebali often used to convey the teachings of Islam to Ertugrul. They also used to discuss different matters of the diverse population of Anatolia. Osman Ghazi, son of Ertugrul Ghazi, also used to visit Sheikh Edebali oftentimes. Osman Ghazi loved to be in his company and thus Sheikh Edebali became his spiritual mentor. Later, Sheikh Edebali also girt him with Sword of Ghazi.

Sheikh Edebali had two sons named Mahmud Pasha and Mehmed Pasha and two daughters named Malhun Hatun and Rabia Bala Hatun. While his visits to Sheikh Edebali’s dargah (Holy Place), Osman Ghazi saw Rabia Bala Hatun, the daughter of Sheikh Edebali and fell into love with her. So it became another reason for his visits to Edebali’s dargah. Osman Ghazi also confessed his love for Rabia Bala Hatun to Sheikh Edebali but he wasn’t agreed for Osman to marry his daughter because of much distant social statuses.

Osman’s Dream

Later, while at Sheikh Edebali’s dargah, Osman went to sleep after reciting the Holy Quran for six hours continuously, thinking about his love for Rabia Bala Hatun. On that night, Osman dreamed of a moonlight (symbolizing Rabia Bala Hatun) coming out of Edebali’s chest and entering into his own chest and disappeared. A tree (we will post another article regarding this great historical tree) started to grow and never stopped. (to read about the full dream and its interpretation click here, Sultan Osman Ghazi-Real History)

In the morning, Osman told Sheikh Edebali about his last night’s dream. Sheikh Edebali was much happy and told Osman about the denotation of his dream. Sheikh Edebali said that the dream is a good omen for his honor and his power that ALLAH will give him in the coming future and His son, out of his descendants, will rule the whole world. Later, the whole world saw this dream turning into reality when Osman Ghazi became the founder of the great Ottoman Empire and Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror reached the Ottoman Empire to its highest dignity.

After this incident, Sheikh Edebali agreed to marry his daughter Rabia Bala Hatun to Osman Ghazi. Their marriage took place in 1289 CE. Sheikh Edebali died in 120th year of his age in 1326 CE. He was buried in Bilecik, Turkey. Before his death, Sheikh Edebali advised his son in law, Osman Ghazi who shaped and developed the Ottoman rule which lasted for the next six centuries. Those famous words are:

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