Famous actor of Dirilis Ertugrul is confirmed for Kurulus Osman | Kurulus Osman Episode 1 Trailer 2

Abdur Rahman Alp - Kurulus Osman

Who was Abdur Rahman Alp

Abdur Rahman Alp is a famous character of Resurrection Dirilis Ertugrul Season. His character is being portrayed by Celal Al. Like other alps of Ertugrul, like Turgut Alp, Dogan Alp, and Bamsi Beyrek Alp, he was also very loyal and like blood-brother to Ertugrul. In the season, he has been shown as the chief guard of Hayme Hatun. In the last season of Ressurection Dirilis Ertugrul, he also became chief alp for a short duration.

Abdur Rahman Alp was an Ottoman military commander who played an important role in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire. Due to lack of resources and knowledge about him, his birthplace and date are yet unknown. He not only served Ertugrul Ghazi but also has been reported to serve his successors, Osman Ghazi and Orhan Ghazi too, which means he also lived a long life just like Turgut Alp. As we all are aware of the conquests of the Ottomans during the establishment state, Abdur Rahman Alp also played an important role in all these victories. He is famous for his conquest of Aydos Castle which was a gateway to Istanbul (Constantinople) and is considered as the start of the conquest of Istanbul.

During his time, the Byzantine Empire was attacking the continuously growing Ottoman Empire to fight off the fast riding Ghazis’. Abdur Rahman Alp and his other alps faced these armies with valor and compelled them withdraw back to protect their castles. Aydos Castle was constructed between 11th and 12th centuries during the reign of Eastern Roman Empire. With the orders of Sultan Orhan Ghazi, Abdur Rahman Alp laid siege to Aydos Castle and made history by it’s conquest.

Asik Pasazade, a famous historian, wrote that there was a love story behind the conquest of the Aydos Castle. Once the daughter of the landlord who was the owner of Aydos Castle, dreamed of a man who helped her to come out of a pit and she fell in love with him. And during the siege of the castle, she saw Abdur Rahman Alp, who was the leader of the Ottoman’s host and came to know that he was the man of his dream, the same person who rescued her.

She wrote a letter and while folding it over a stone, threw it towards the soldiers. It was written to come at night and attack as she would help him in entering the castle. And by using this trick, they succeeded in conquering the Aydos Castle. According to Pasazade, their love story lead to a happy ending and they also had a child. Abdur Rahman Alp has been reported to die in 1329 CE during the reign of Sultan Orhan Ghazi. And also that he is buried in a village in Erzurum. And ALLAH (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى‎) knows the best.

Kurulus Osman First Episode Trailer 2

The second trailer of the first episode of Kurulus Osman has been released. It has revealed a lot of characters who will be seen in action in Kurulus Osman. So, there is great news for the fans of the alps of Ertugrul Ghazi. Abdur Rahman Alp will also be seen with his same character in the new coming season “Kurulus Osman” and his character will be portrayed by the same most famous actor “Celal Al”.

Kurulus Osman First Episode Trailer 3

Kurlus Osman first episode trailer 3 has been released. These official trailers are exciting their audience and they are waiting for first episode of Kurulus Osman anxiously. So, all who have started searching for Kurulus Osman first episode, can visit our website as we will update about how and where to watch with English subtitles. We will also provide you the links for watching free of cost. Kurulus Osman first episode is coming tomorrow on 20-11-2019. You may watch Kurlus Osman first episode trailer 3 here,

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