Watch Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) English Subtitles Full Season Free of Cost

Watch Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) English Subtitles Full Season

Watch Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) English Subtitles Full Season


The production of Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) series started in 2014. The series covers the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his sacred life, the uprising of the religion Islam, and also the difficulties which the earlier Muslims had to face. The script and whole series was examined, organized and approved under the supervision of the Turkish Theology Professors as well as the team from Marmara University. The series is totally based on true historical established facts. Also in order to fully correlate with the established facts, a small copy of the cities of Mecca and Medina was also made in Konya. The series was planned to be completed in 12 episodes but later finished in 8th.

The series begins by explaining how people lived during the Jahiliyyah period. Most of the people who lived in this period lived a bad life. It was normal for people to bury their girls alive. Most people were slave owners or trading slaves. People living in such a period put the idols they worshiped inside and outside the Kaaba. There is someone expected to save these people and show them the right way. The series then briefly tells the audience how Kaaba was built.

On April 20, 571, the person who was expected for the salvation of the people has come. When the Prophet (PBUH) turns six, He loses his mother and then his grandfather. The Prophet (PBUH) becomes a loved one in Mecca and all traders trust Him very much. When the Prophet (PBUH) turns twenty-five, He marries Khadija (Radi Allahu anhu). The tribes in Mecca cannot agree on who will place Hajaru al-Aswad ( The Black Stone) in the Kaaba and give this duty to the Prophet (PBUH). Prophet (PBUH) is upset by what people do and act in Mecca. The Prophet begins to go to the Hira cave (Jabal Al-Nur). On the fifteenth day of Ramadan, Jibrail (Alaihissalam) comes and tells the Prophet to read. The Prophet says “I do not know how to read”, but Jibrail (AS) says read three more times.

In the early morning, Jibrail (AS) comes again and tells Muhammad (SAW) that He is the last messenger of Allah. The Prophet goes to his house and asks Khadija (RA) to cover him. Then the Prophet continues to go to Hira cave. Jibrail (AS) brings new Ayahs (verses) to the Prophet (PBUH). Then, Jibrail (AS) tells the first ablution. The Prophet (PBUH) performs the first prayer. The Prophet (PBUH) teaches how to pray to Hazrat Khadija and Hazrat Ali. Then the series shows the speeches of Hazrat Abu Bakr and Osman (Uthman). Hazrat Abu Bakr, one of the closest friends of the Prophet, becomes a Muslim. Hazrat Osman listens to Abu Bakr and wants to talk to the Prophet (PBUH). Abu Bakr takes his friends to the Prophet (PBUH) one by one and helps them to become Muslims. The number of Muslims gradually starts to increase in Mecca, but this starts to disturb some people.

The days pass and the important people of Mecca are very uncomfortable with the Muslims. Muslims are now seen as a serious danger. The Prophet goes up a hill and calls out to the tribes in Mecca. The Prophet makes a speech and tells everyone about Islam. Abu Lahab says that the Hajj (pilgrimage) period is coming and that he will now do everything against the Prophet (PBUH). The rich people of Mecca decide to speak to Abu Talib and make him warn the Prophet (PBUH). Muslims talk about Islam and the Prophet near the Kaaba, but the infidels of Mecca attack the Muslims. Abu Lahab and his wife throw stones at the Prophet’s house and put thorny branches in front of the Prophet’s house. Mecca infidels begin to attack the Muslims more and more with each passing day.

Abu Lahab and his infidel friends do everything to make the life of Muslims more difficult. They can no longer control their anger and consider eliminating the Prophet (PBUH), but Muslims are aware of it. Muslims try to protect the Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet tells Muslims to be patient and stay strong. The rich people of Mecca force Muslims out of their homes and imprison them. Now, one of the hardest exams for Muslims begins.

How to Watch Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) Series with English Subtitles

You may watch Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) Full Series with English Subtitles by subscribing membership on Multipoint TV.

Those who are searching for watching Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) Full Series with English Subtitles Free of Cost, may watch here. Each successive episode of Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) Series will be uploaded here gradually. You may watch all the missed episode by clicking the link given below. Click Here to Watch All Episodes Free of Cost

Vahyin Izinde (The Revelation Path) Episode 5 with English Subtitles

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