Sultan Orhan Ghazi (2nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire)


Sultan Orhan Ghazi (2nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire)

In 1326 AD, after the death of Osman Ghazi, his son Orhan Ghazi took the throne. Orhan was born in 1281 AD. Orhan was the second ruler of the Ottoman Empire. He is called the real founder of the Ottoman Empire. He followed the policies of his father in the Empire and in his victories. In 727 Hijri about 1327 AD, he conquered the Nicomedia city, which is presently named as “Izmit”. Orhan Ghazi founded the first Islamic University here.

The cities Moderno and Gamblique were conquered in 1331 and 1333 AD respectively. In 736 Hijri, about 1336 AD, he conquered the Karesi City which was affected by the political chancellor. Orhan was not in favor of wars just to spread his empire, that’s why after conquering the Karesi city, he preferred to maintain his empire on the conquered cities for the next 20 years. Orhan built Mosques, Schools, and Serai in all newly conquered cities, especially in Bursa, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. That’s why Bursa became an important Islamic center later.

In 1356 AD, Orhan conquered the Ankara City. The Sultan Orhan wanted to fulfill the saying of the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H about the Constantinople victory. Following the saying, in 758 Hijri about 1358 AD, he conquered the port of Tarnat fort “Gallipoli” in which the forts of Jinaqla, Absala and Rodosto were situated. This victory assisted every Sultan who tried to conquer the Constantinople.

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The most important work of the Sultan Orhan was the formation of a permanent Islamic force (Army) because before this act, at the time of war people gathered willingly. This new army was named as “Janissary” which means a new battalion, also recognized as the first Organized Army.

Some biased historians did false propaganda and tried to allege that this great Islamic army was formed by snatching the children of Nasrani People on behalf of Child Tax and converting them into Islam forcefully. This false story was included in the history of Orhan and Murad Khan forcefully but the fact is totally inverse. The concept of forcing a person to be a Muslim is not in Islam. The reality is that a lot of children were separated from their parents in all these wars and battles.

The Muslim Ottoman emperors managed the growth, wellbeing and provide the surety of their shining future to the wandering children in all conquered areas. They were given intellectual, literature and religious education. Scholars and thinkers enhanced faithfulness, protection of religion and passion of fight for ALLAH, in their hearts. That’s why, whenever they walked into a battlefield, their slogan was Ghazi or martyred. The victories of Muslims and repeated failures of Nasrani people compelled biased historians to defame Muslim’s history by allegations. The sad point is that our several Muslim historians are also affected by these biased historians, because of which they told such false stories in our schools, colleges, and universities, which are not related to these Islamic Ottoman Empire.

Orhan Ghazi included the major part of western Anatolia in the Ottoman Empire and for the first time, the Turkish army entered Europe in his reign. During the reign of Orhan Ghazi, the fame of the Ottoman Empire was doubled. Orhan died in 1360 AD. His tomb is situated in Bursa even till today.


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