Seljuks Empire era Caravansaray doors opened for tourists


The doors of the longest Caravansaray made during the Anatolian Seljuks era has been opened after renovation. It is one of the major places for national and international tourists.

It is situated at a distance of 22 kM from central Konya. It is one of the most famous caravansary of it ‘s Seljuks era.

According to historical background, it is constructed during Ghīyāth al-Dīn Kaykhusraw bin Kayqubād ll time in 1237. It is also considered as important for trade in the whole area.

Zazadin caravansary is commonly used by travelers for resting purpose during that time. It has total of 24 rooms, one washroom, one storage place, and one stable for horses resting and living.

Constructed with brown and dark stones takes tourists to back the age of Seljuks era

This Zazadin caravansary is one of the historical place in Konya Province which itself has its historical importance.

It is been closed in 2007 because It needs renovations, now it is open for all tourists.

Ghīyāth al-Dīn Kaykhusraw bin Kayqubād ll or Ghiyasuddin died in 1246 while he was serving as Sejuk sultan of Rum and will be remembered until this Caravansaray exists.

it is constructed during Ghīyāth al-Dīn Kaykhusraw bin Kayqubād

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