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Stroy behind this Tree on Osman’s Armour | The Ottoman’s Heritage | Osman’s Dream

Many people from the whole world who are fans of Dirilis Ertugrul and now the Krulus Osman are asking about this tree appearing on Osman’s Armour in the first officially released trailer of Kurulus Osman. Also, the words which Osman is hearing point towards a beautiful story. Actually the complete trailer is based upon Osman’s Dream which he saw while sleeping at Sheikh Edebali Dargah. So, here we have brought the complete historical facts about this tree. Now, the secret behind this tree has been revealed. Watch Full Documentary.

Cinar Tree is of much importance specially in Turkey because of its relation to the origin of the Ottoman Empire. While representing superiority, permanency, sovereignty, and greatness, the tree still present holds an important story of the past. Before going into its details, you may go through the below-mentioned articles to know about Osman’s Dream and the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Osman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, used to visit Sheikh Edebali’s dargah who was Osman Ghazi’s spiritual mentor and later Father in Law.

Oriental Plane Tree (Cinar Tree or چنار) started from a dream. As we have mentioned in the articles about Sultan Osman Ghazi and Sheikh Edebali, once Osman Ghazi was present at Edebali’s dargah (place). He already had confessed his love for Malhun Hatun, the daughter of Sheikh Edebali but he wasn’t agreed because of too distant social statuses. He was thinking about her continuously that he noticed the Holy Quran on a shelf there. He was about to sleep but in respect of the Holy Quran, he picked and started recitation. Six hours had been passed while reciting that Osman Ghazi went to sleep unconsciously with the Holy Quran still in his hands.

While in the dream, a plane tree started growing and didn’t stop that it covered the entire horizon including the three continents of the World. Later four rivers began to flow from its roots which were indicating Danube, Euphrates, Nile, and Tigris Rivers. To read full dream and its interpretation, Click Here. After getting up in the morning, Osman told Sheikh Edebali about his last night’s dream. Sheikh Edebali was much happy and told him about his power and sovereignty that ALLAH will give him and his family will rule the whole world. After this incident, Sheikh Edebali was agreed and the marriage of Osman Ghazi and Malhun Hatun took place in 1289 CE. After that Sheikh Edebali advised his son-in-law, which words Osman is hearing in the trailer with a little bit changings as:

From here, Oriental Plane Tree’s significance started. Even before the Ottoman Era, Cinar trees are of much important value in Turkish societies. After the dream, it became a tradition to build a Mosque, plant a Cinar tree and install a fountain within that yard upon every conquest of the Ottomans. Whenever a new city/place was conquered, a new plane tree was grown as a symbol of superiority, permanency, greatness, and sovereignty.

Oriental Plane or Cinar trees are famous because of their height and long-lasting. They can stand for centuries even its trunk has been rotted. They can reach up to 30m or more height because of which it is said that it protects the mosque’s minarets from lightning strikes. In the near past, in Beciyorukler of Duzce province of Turkey, a plane tree which was 700 years old having 15m height and 25m diameter saved a mosque’s minaret from the lightning strike and split in two parts. Plane or Cinar trees are not of much importance just because of their durability but because they are also the Ottoman’s heritage.

Ottomans planted a Cinar tree next to every important place like a mosque, the tomb of a significant person or a fountain. We can even witness an example of a Cinar tree (plane tree) which still stand today was planted by Aksemseddin, the spiritual mentor of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, alongside the tomb of Hazrat Ayyub al-Ansari, the companion of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). We can even assume a place staying near a plane tree standing alone now.

Another most famous plane tree was the “Tree of Hippocrates” at Kos island, which is also mentioned in the “Seyahatname – Book of Travels” by Evliya Celebi. It is mentioned in the book that Hippocrates, who is considered as the father of medicine, used to teach his students about the medicine under this tree. Saint Paul the Apostle who belonged to Tarsus also has been reported to be taught here. The tree which is present there is just 500 years old about which it is supposed that it may be the descendant of the original tree which stood there in Hippocrates’ time about 2400 years ago.

When the Ottoman Commander Ghazi Hassan conquered the Kos island in 1776 CE, he gave it a new name as Istankoy. There was already a plane tree there. So he ordered to build a mosque and a fountain beside it. Now it is still present in Platia Platanou (Square of the Plane Trees) just next to the Ghazi Hassan Mosque. A lot of other Plane trees are also still present in Turkey like Anatolia, Bursa, Iznik, and Istanbul. In Istanbul, they are located at many places like Sultan Ahmet, Topkapi, Eyup, Cengelkoy, Alemdar, Atik Valide, Goksu, Mihrimah Sultan Mosques, Rumeli Kavagi, Beykoz, Anadolu Kavagi, and Bebek.

The historian Professor Haluk Dursun says in his book, “Incir Cekirdegi” (Fig Seed):


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