Real history of Baycu Noyan (Baiju) | Mongol Commander appeared in Dirilis Ertugrul Season


Real history of Baycu Noyan (Baiju) | Mongol Commander appeared in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

In order to expand the Mongol Empire, Ogedei khan appointed a Mongol Commander named Bayuc Noyan in Persia (present-day Iran) during 1230-1260 CE, who succeeded Chormagan (Mongol Commander and member of Keshik).

Baiju comes to power in 1241 or 1242 CE and he attacked Rome (the sultanate of Seljuks) in the Battle of Kose Dag. In this war, he crushed Seljuks. Baycu Noyan and his sister Alangoya or Almila also appeared in Dirilis Ertugrul Season in which Baris Bagci is portraying Baycu Noyan and Gonul Nagiyeva is portraying his sister’s character.

Battle of Kose Dag

In the winters of 1242-1243 CE, Baiju commanded the Mongolian force in the Battle of Kose Dag in which they attacked Rome and laid siege to Erzurum. Therefore, the Seljuk Sultan Kaykhusraw II asked for support from the neighboring countries. So, Trebizond sent a force while Sultan made a group of “Frankish” mercenaries which includes some Georgian nobles like Pharadavla of Akhaltsikhe and Dardin Shervashidze. In spite of that most of the Georgians were compelled to fight from the Mongols side.

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On 26th June 1243 CE, the battle started in the field of Kose Dag. Exact numbers are not certain but Seljuks were large in number as compared to Mongols. His Georgian officer got frightened after seeing the huge host of Seljuks but the commander of Mongols, Baiju encouraged his troops not to fear a huge host of Seljuks by saying that it will be our glory to defeat a large number of troops.

Kaykhusraw II without waiting for the Mongol attack invaded the Mongols with an army of 20,000 men. But Mongol army retreated and defeated them. After being defeated in the battlefield Kaykhusraw II, leader of Seljuks, commanders and some soldiers ran away from the battlefield. Mongols occupied the cities of Sivas and Kayseri of Seljuks. Kaykhusraw II escaped to Antalya. Where he had to pay a tariff to the Mongol commander Baiju in order to settle peace with them.


Seljuk Empire became a vassal state for Mongols so they freed David VII Ulu. To oppose Queen Rosudan’s decision, he authorized David Ulu at the throne of Georgia. However, Mongols maintained their vassal with small raids as they were less in number. Later, Baiju ordered to attack Syria in 1246 CE. Also, they attacked Abbasid Caliphate in Iraq two times from 1238-1246 CE, but they met fewer victories. Alangoya was the sister of Baiju who was very cruel and harsh. She inflicted Kayi tribe and cheated Ertugrul by changing her name as Almila.

When Ogedei died, Baiju was replaced by Guyuk with Eljigidei in 1246 CE but his whole family was exiled on the accession of Mongke khan in 1251 and 1252 CE. From 1240-1250 CE, Mongols once again maintained their power in Persia but the Abbasids in Baghdad and Assassins in Elbruz Mountains were Independent until the accession of Hulagu Khan in 1255 CE. However, Baiju was unable to expand the Mongols power further. As Hulagu Khan made a new commander in 1255 CE in place of Baiju.  And he served under the new commander in many campaigns such as Seljuk Empire 1256, Baghdad 1258 and advanced on Syria towards Egypt in 1259 CE.

After the departure of Hulagu Khan in 1260 CE, the Mongol force was depleted and Kitabuqa commanded the remaining Mongol force. Rashid al-Din said that Hulagu Khan executed Baiju because he failed in stopping the force of Golden Horde from fleeing to Russia. However, Shiremun, Chormagon’s son took charge of his office.


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