Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 91 with English Subtitles | How and where to watch


Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Previous Episodes Overview

Our happy watching is started by a flashback to the birth of Sultan Abdulhamid II in the palace where his father Sultan Abdulmejid 1, whispered the first Azan attended by his two brothers. The real-time showing Sultan’s remembering and discussing his odd dream with Bidar Sultan about these 2 brothers, and seeing blood!

Then a grand celebration showing the Sultan & everyone survived the last severe attack. This special event attended by some of his opponents including Ambassadors, arms dealers, journalists, and more, where they have seen a new Pasha, and to their surprise is the Sultan’s brother. Sultan strategically planning counter-attacks and discussing it with Tahsin Pasha, Ahmet Celalettin Pasha, and other Pashas. Also about the necessity to know available arms in the market for better defense, and specifically importance is about the newly designed submarine with Torpedo. The design is only known by two persons on earth i.e the Turkish engineer who has died or maybe killed and Gustav the German engineer.

The old plot of Rothschild tries to meticulously plan his moves with new player plus reinforcement team from abroad. Surviving Joris is also discussing the new tactic on the field with his team. A reunion with other rarely seen family members is not a happy time for everyone. Stressing environment started by the sister Cemil Sultan and the Sultan’s son, whereas both are successfully creating troublesome in the Harem.  Abdulkadir is very upset with Sultan appointing his brother to a new post he wishes for. The addition of new colorful characters makes it complicated for Seniha Sultan and Mahmud Pasha, which forced Seniha Sultan to make a decision. There is a new impossible love story in the picture.

The Sultan’s spy Halil Halid team also survived the last attack. They are doing their best to find the culprit who stole a very important document yet going into another tensed situation. Halil Hadid came to the palace to report yet discovering a possible spy inside the palace to be solved in next chapter.

How to Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 91 with English Subtitles

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 91 officially in Turkish Language and no English subtitle can be found here. Click here to watch.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 91 with English Subtitle on Multipoint TV. Here is direct episode link, Click here. Here you can watch all episodes easily.

If you are looking to watch the Episode 91 with English subtitle free of cost, then Click here to watch, but there will be some ads. Historical TV site is providing the episodes free of cost but they upload episode later than Multipoint TV. For watching free of cost you have to wait.



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