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Ever trending TV show of Payitahit Abdulhamid started with a recap from the birth of the great Sultan in the house of Sultan Abdulmejid I when he called Azan along with Abdulhamid’s two brothers. Then we saw a grand celebration for his survival from an assassination attempt while coming out of Hamidiye Mosque. A lot of people were invited even those who were indulged in this attempt just to surprise them as Sultan was planning and discussing a counter-attack with Tahsin Pasha, Ahmet Celaleddin Pasha, and other Pashas. Sultan Abdulhamid was openly discussing the new arms especially the newly designed submarine with Torpedo. The submarine design was only known to two persons one of them was a Turkish engineer who has died and the other is a German Engineer named Gustav.

Joris is also discussing the new tactics with his team. Abdulhamid’s son and his sister Cemil Sultan successfully created a stressing situation in the Harem. Prince Abdulkadir seems much worried because of the appointment of his brother at a new post by his father. Then a new love story started in the Harem which seems impossible.

On the other side, Halil Halid Bey the Sultan’s spy, and his team also survive an attack. They are struggling to find out the culprit who stole an important document. Halil Halid Bey came to palace to report about their actions to Sultan.

How to Watch Payitahit Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 92

If you want to watch Payitahit Abdulhamid Season 4 Episode 92 officially in the Turkish language, then Click Here.

Others who are searching for English Subtitles, they need not worry as we have brought the solution. If you want to watch Episode 92 with English Subtitles and free of cost, then Click Here. But there will be some ads too and they upload the episode later than Multipoint TV.

Without ads, permanent access to this episode and many more can be achieved by visiting Multipoint TV by Clicking Here. Keep visiting this website for all the updates regarding the TV series and Historical knowledge.

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