Mehmet Bulent Inal (Portrayed Abdulhamid II)

Sanliurfa, Turkey is the birth place of Mehmet Bulent Inal. This famous Turkish actor was born on 19th May 1973 CE. He complete his graduation in Theater  from Ege University and Dokuz Eylul University. He started his professional acting career from the Kayikci in 1998 CE. He got fame from his role in“Ihlamurlar Altinda (Under the Lindens) 2005”.

Recently, he has been starred in many TV series. He has played excellent roles in Karanlikta Kosanlar (2001), Urfaliyam Ezelden (2104) and Payitaht Abdulhamid (2107). He got married to Melis Tuysuz on 30th May 2011. They only child name is Cinar Inal. His latest project is Kalpsiz Adam (Heartless Man) is now playing on the television. He got Best Male Actor of the Year award in National Palandoken Awards 2018.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful actors and a brilliant gripping series. I have watched all 3 seasons and was so involved I will watch it again


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