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Fans of Turgut alp in Dirilis Ertugrul are looking for more movies or TV series to watch Turgut bey in action. People are fans of Turgut alp due to his legendary fight with the axe.

So here is great news, a new movie is going to on-air with the leading role of Cengiz Coskun (Portrayed Turgut Alp) as sultan alp Arslan.

Do you know who was the Sultan alp Arslan? If you are interested in the history of the Seljuk Empire and how Seljuks expanded the empire to Anatolia. You have to learn about Sultan alp Arslan history. He was the one who defeated the Byzantine Empire and opened gates for Oguz Turks to enter in Anatolia and established an empire that lasts longer than Seljuk Empire. Yes, it is Seljuk sultanate of Rum, which lasts up to the beginning of 14th century.

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The movie will also depict the great Battle of Manzikert. It is about the life of Sultan Alp Arslan who stared his journey from Turkestan and moved toward Asia minor.

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Role of Sultan alp Arslan will be portrayed by Cengiz Coskun. He is a very good actor and has excellent fighting skills. He will also perform as Turgut bey in Dirilis Osman but he will leave it in half-way and start work on the shooting of the movie. We hope this movie depicts true historical event and increase our knowledge about Seljuk Empire.

If you are interested in reading the history of the ottoman empire or history of the Seljuk Empire, we are putting in on our site after a great research. We are doing our best to bring you true historical facts.

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