Watch Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost


Watch Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 with English and Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Synopsis

Season 5 of Dirilis Ertugrul is concentrated on the period after 10 years of Mongol Attack. In the war of Kose Dag, Mongols attacked Seljuk State.  Umurogullari was the new tax collector who disrupted and imbalanced Sogut. Ilbilge, the daughter of Umar Bey, fell in love with Ertugrul. Therefore, she saved the Kayi tribe. Commander Dragos was the warrior of Byzantine. He killed Umar Bey and pitted the two tribes. Dragos seek to overcome Sogut.

Ertugrul was planning against Mongols while Emir Bahattin wanted to destroy his plans. Gunduz revealed the truth about Dragos. Meanwhile, Beybolat Bey appeared. The son of Umar Bey, together with Mongols destroyed Seljuk and revolted against the Oguz tribe under the name of Albasti. The brothers of Ertugrul hide themselves in the mountains. At that time,  Beybolat Bey wanted to marry Ilbilge with Bahattin but Ertugrul proposed Ilbilge and they married.

After this, Ertugrul attacked Mongols. During this war, Emir Bhattin and Albasti died and a Zangoc saved the life of Ertugrul but Ertugrul doubted Zangoc and kept an eye on him. Commander Alincak and Subutay attacked the Kayi tribe. They were sent by Hulagu Khan. Beybolat made a new UC Bey. The new Bey of Kayilar, Artuk Bey commanded Ertugrul to kill Osman or gave him chest but Ertugrul refused. Selcan assaulted Sirma Hatun as she became the head of Kayi Tribe. Beybolat had imprisoned Suleyman but later Ilbilge freed him. Ertugrul and his Alps saved Lefke Castle from being conquered by blocking and changing this message From Hulagu Khan.

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Ertugrul find the location of his son when he listened to the plans of Uranos and Alincak in their meeting. Ertugrul offended Alincak and traded his chest by replacing it with the fake document. Ertugrul captured Suleyman and killed him while on the other hand Mergen was captured by Alincak But Ertugrul rescued him. During this war, Bamsi came late and Alincak escaped while Gunduz got injured. Abdul Rehman became the head of Alps. Ertugrul trapped Alincak. Meanwhile, Albasti’s men attacked Hafsa and her kids. Ertugrul came to know that Zongac belonged to Lefke Castle so he trapped him. But the truth was that Bellringer was the real Dragos. In order to know that who was the real Dragos Ertugrul captured Uranos.

Albasti’s men also captured Basmi but Ertugrul saved him by killing Alincak and Captured Dragos. when Dragos were to be executed, Beybolat betrayed Dragos. In this fight,  Bamsi was injured in the Sogut mosque. Also, Ertugrul forgave him. Ertugrul and Iblige thought that Beybolat was Albasti and later he himself confessed. So Ertugrul attacked Beybolat but he jumped into a river and was rescued by a commander of Hulagu Khan,  Arikbuka.

Ertugrul made Ilblige the Bey of Umurogullari. Ertugrul and Gundogdu decided to start a war against Mongols. So, a war started between Mongols and Beybolat and on the other hand between Ertugrul and his Alps. In this war, Dumrul and Mergen were killed. Also, Ertugrul got injured and captured. When Gundogdu came to know that Turgut was injured he moved to the battlefield while he was taken to the tribe of Melikshah. Later Basmi, Gundogdu, Gunduz, and Guzikut searched for Ertugrul.

When Arikbuka knew about it he planned a trap for them. When Albasti was taking Ertugrul to a cave, Abdul Rehman and Iblige surrounded him so Ertugrul killed Beybolat. Meanwhile, Gundogdu was trapped by Arikbuka but Ertugrul rescued him. Ertugrul came back to his Kayi Tribe. And reorganized it. Artuk Bey told Ertugrul about a shipment going towards Anatolia and told about the spy of Mongol.

Basmi, Gunkut, and Gunduz infiltrated Caravansary and came to know about Mongol’s spy but they were trapped by Arikbuka. Ertugrul set Gundogdu and Turgut to get gold but the gold was missing. So Ertugrul encountered but later Gunduz and Gundogdu found the gold and rescued it. Sirma met with Mongol spy while Ilbilge chased her.

Ertugrul met with Berke Khan to know about the spy and situation of Anatolia later Turgut Alp and Ilbilge came to know that Sirma and Taskun Bey were the traitors so Turgut Alp killed Taskun Bey and captured Sirma. Sirma poisoned Ilbilge but Ilbilge killed her and later Ilbilge was rescued by Artuk Bey. Berke Khan and Ertugrul killed the spy of Mongol and Arikbuka.

Season 5 ends up with that Ertugrul was leading horses in war and Osman took the flag in his hands and took the responsibility of Suleyman Shah. He took the oath to wave the flag of the Kayi tribe in the whole world.

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