Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 Synopsis | Revise the Story before watching Dirilis Osman

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 Synopsis | Revise the Story before watching Dirilis Osman

Ertugrul did not die but actually, he was arrested by a slave trader. Aslihan’s uncle Bahadir Bey sought her beylick. Dundar Bey was certain of the death of Ertugrul. Therefore, he became the Bey of Kayilar and he wanted to sale Hanli Bazar. But at that time Ertugrul appeared in front of him and demanded to get back Hanli Bazar. When he came to know that Ares had abducted his son, he declared war against Byzantines.

Bahadar Bey betrayed Ertugrul. So, Ertugrul executed him and conquered Karacahisar. Once, Kopek betrayed Ertugrul that jeopardized the Seljuk State but due to the conquest of Karacahisar, he raised up against Kopek. Later, Ertugrul approached Ares and he arrested and asked him to admit the wrongdoings of Kopek in front of the Sultan. Later, Sultan expelled Kopek. Ares embraced Islam and became Ahmet. Ertugrul made him own spy. Sultan wanted a meeting with Ertugrul to explain the misinterpretation of the attack misplayed by Kopek. But Kopek venomed Sultan and he died.

The wife of Sultan, Mahperi Hatun wanted to make her son the Sultan that’s why she saved Kopek with a trick. After the death of Sultan,  Giyaseddin (son of Mahperi Hatun) became the Sultan and he captured Ertugrul. But later Ibn Arabi Rescued Ertugrul.

The adapted son of Kopek, Gunalp Bey tried to execute Karacahisar, Ertugrul’s Alps but Ertugrul tried to convince the misplayed attack by Kopek but he couldn’t. Also, Kopek murdered the brother of Giyaseddin therefore, Giyaseddin executed Kopek and they celebrated the death of Kopek. During this, Halime Hatun died during the birth of Osman.

Meanwhile, Mongols were proceeding towards Anatolia. And Ogedei Khan sent a delegate, Bayuc Noyan to Seljuk and Noyan and Ertugrul made an agreement of Peace but it has no longer remained after the death of Ogedei. Alangoya, sister of Noyan infiltrated the Kayi tribe. Later, at the end of season, Kayilar moved to Sogut while Noyan proceeded towards Anatolia.

Where to watch Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 with English Subtitle

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4 is available on TRT1 site but it is not in English subtitle. You can watch with English Subtitle free of cost on Historical TV and if ads irritate, you can go to MultiPoint TV or Netflix.



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