Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Synopsis | Revise the Story before watching Dirilis Osman

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 Synopsis | Revise the Story before watching Dirilis Osman

Dirlis Etrugal is a popular Turkish TV series that is based on the history of the Ottoman Empire.  Engin Altan Duzyatan plays a Central role in this series. This series was organized by Mehmet Bozdag and its shooting was carried out in a village of Turkey named Riva. On 10th December 2014, it is premiered on TRT 1 in Turkey. This serial is based on the life of Ertugrul the leader of the Kayi Tribe, the people living in Turkey and the founder of the Ottoman Empire. when Mongols attacked Turks, the tribes escaped from central Asia. One of them was Kayi tribe and Suleyman Shah was the leader of  this tribe and they moved to Anatolia where they faced famine but they were determined to start a better life

Suleyman had four sons which are mentioned as Gundogdu, Sugurtekin, Ertugrul, and Dundar. When Mongols assaulted they captured Sungurtekin while Gundogdu and Ertugrul were with their father in every tribal warfare. While Dundar was the youngest. Therefore, he was too young to be involved in such affairs.

Once Ertugrul confronted the Knights Templar during hunting, who transported the three accused captives. So, Ertugrul and his three friends saved these prisoners for being hanged. The three prisoners included a princess, a young girl named Halime and her brother and father. He took the prisoners with him to his nomad group. Later, Ertugrul attracted to princess Halime and took her with her family in his own Oba but soon the commander from kara Toygar came and he asked to take back Halime and her family but Suleyman Shah refused.

Meanwhile, Kayi Obasi takes a decision to migrate to Aleppo and Suleyman sent Ertugrul with him to the palace of Emir Al Aziz. When they reached the palace, they noticed that the commander of Al Aziz is a betrayer. He wanted that the king came to know about the hypocrisy of his commander as he wanted to save the Halime and his family from rebellion. Ertugrul then managed to expose the commander of Emir. On the other side, Uncle of Ertugrul with his evil mind is greedy for his beyship. He deceived the tribe and sided with tempelars to become bey. Turgut alp captured by Templars and was tortured mentally to join their mission. But in the end, Turgut gained his memory and the Castle of Templars was conquered. Suleyman Shad died during crossing the Euphrates river.

Where to watch Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 with English Subtitle

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 1 is available on TRT1 site but it is not with English subtitle. You can watch with English Subtitle free of cost on MultiPoint TV and if ads irritate you can go to Historical TV or Netflix


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