Cengiz Coskun (Portrayed Turgut Alp)


Cengiz Coskun is a famous Turkish actor born on 29th April 1982 CE. Istanbul, Turkey is the birth place of Coskun. His family is Turkish descent who immigrated Bulgaria. In history, Bulgarians was a Turkish state. Their language and culture changed. Now, Bulgarians is a Slavic state. However, Bulgarians have major Turkish majority which came from the Ottoman Empire. He spent a short time playing professional basketball for Ulkerspor, a basketball team in the Turkish league he graduated Marmara University. During these days, he started modeling and was chosen as a model for Prada in Italy and Japan. His professional acting career started with the TV series Windy garden (2005). His played the role of Giovanni Giustiniani in the action movie Conquest 1453. He has been starred in the famous TV series Dirilis Ertigrul as Turgut Alp from 2104-2017. This role has majorly boosted his popularity.


  1. Sir, you may be a very intelligent and talented person but please do check the historical facts you are obviously not very familiar with. The Bulgarian language hasn’t changed. Calling them “Slavic” is also incorrect. Bulgaria’s ancient (over 13 centuries) history is marked by a lot of highs and lows and has been under Byzantine and Ottoman control for long periods of time but never ceased to retain its culture or language. Regardless of Mr. Coscun’s background and family roots, he is a gorgeous man and a talented actor. I really appreciate your writings but please check the historical facts. My family, although of different ethnicity, lived for centuries in Bulgaria before returning to the “fatherland”.


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